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Advantages and application prospect of aluminum honeycomb composites

According to foreign media reports, aluminum is a versatile metal, and every new forecast data recently shows that the market demand for aluminum has been rising.But in the aluminum consumption performance brighter is still the electric vehicle.In recent years, the rise of electric vehicles has also contributed to the rising demand for aluminum, mainly because aluminum has a very good strength to weight ratio, which tends to increase when mixed with other common metals.

Electric cars have carved out a sizeable niche in the car market, with 3.5m electric passenger cars and 421,000 electric buses sold worldwide as of last summer.Electric carmakers' total demand for aluminium was 250, 000 tonnes last year, compared with an average of 250 kilogrammes per car.Experts say that while total demand for aluminium for electric cars is already substantial, it is expected to grow tenfold to 10m tonnes a year by 2030.

As more and more consumers see electric cars as a serious competitor to internal-combustion vehicles, it is estimated that sales of electric vehicles will increase significantly, and the market share of electric vehicles is expected to rise from 4% in 2017 to 30% in 2030.By the end of 2018, there are expected to be more than 4 million electric vehicles in the world, and half of them will have access to charging piles. In addition, half of them will be in China.China is also expected to take the lead in electric vehicles given the rapid growth of its auto market.And with the Chinese government heavily promoting electric vehicles, experts believe China will be the world's largest market for electric vehicles by 2040.

Volkswagen's acceptance of electric vehicles is closely related to the availability of affordable, reliable and durable batteries, which makes battery research and breakthrough a competitive field.Last fall, researchers at South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology announced the development of a new high-energy aluminum-air battery that is more efficient than conventional gasoline engines.The key, the researchers say, is to replace a depleted battery pack rather than charge it, saving time and avoiding the risk of recharging the battery.The new aluminum-air battery only needs to react with oxygen in the surrounding air to generate electricity, rather than directly from a power source.Compared with existing lithium ion batteries, aluminum-air batteries have larger discharge capacity, lighter weight and lower production cost.

Over time, electric cars will show more and more development prospects, and the aluminum industry will grow significantly as a result.Electric vehicles are an industry that increasingly relies on off-the-rack aluminum and aluminum alloys, and as their penetration in the market improves, the state and private companies are working to build better and more reliable electric vehicles, which bodes well for the aluminum and aluminum industry.



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