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The three main sticking points behind the us-eu trade dispute

The dispute over agricultural, steel and aluminum and aviation subsidies is the main sticking point affecting trade relations between the United States and the European Union, and will have an important impact on the direction of the trade talks launched by the two sides yesterday, analysts said.

The European council has authorised the European commission to start trade talks with the us, but fundamental differences remain over whether to include sensitive agriculture.The prospect of talks between the us and Europe is also facing significant uncertainty over whether the us will remove tariffs on steel and aluminium from the eu and the possibility of imposing tariffs on eu cars.In addition, the escalating dispute between the us and Europe over aviation subsidies has made it more difficult for the two sides to resolve trade disputes.

Analysts believe that the above three issues are sensitive points in the current us-eu trade, as well as the main sticking points affecting bilateral trade relations, and will have an important impact on the direction of bilateral trade negotiations.



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