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Dalian customs returned nearly 700 tons of "foreign garbage" aluminum slag

In recent days, bayuquan customs under dalian customs has prohibited the return and transportation of solid waste aluminum residue into China, including 28 containers totaling 688.32 tons.

It was reported that the goods were seized by bayuquan customs in the second half of last year due to the suspected import of "foreign garbage".When the goods entered China, the declared product name was "aluminum based steel making promoter". The customs officer found abnormalities in the inspection process, and after verification, it was confirmed to be China's ban on the import of solid waste aluminum slag.

When the suspect in custody, the prosecution organ has not yet been charged stage, dalian customs and relevant departments of communication and coordination, the solidification under the premise of criminal evidence, shall be ordered to return relevant work, launched on the number of solid waste is a baseline, know the goods storage conditions and has the cost of produce, informed and urged relevant enterprises occurrences of statutory obligations, and related companies, port operating company, the carrier company return route, such as joint research and return to work plan.

In recent years, dalian customs has, by means of risk warning, data filing, daily supervision and other means, conducted whole-chain and all-round process supervision and management on the suspected "foreign garbage" entering China from the aspects of risk research and judgment in the early stage, sampling and inspection in the middle stage, follow-up and disposal, etc.



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